As an expert in the field of marketing, Ray Batista has drawn many very successful businesses as clients. These clients are valued and truly appreciated. Pop Shop E-Zine would like to share some of the best success stories of past clients. Many clients continually return to make sure that they remain updated and well-informed.


Pop Shop helped this enormous events venue to streamline its marketing and help reach more people for specific events. Because of the variety of events and the many different audiences that had to be targeted, a unique and very creative strategy was needed. Today, the Grand Arena is super successful and fully booked year-round.


The Pennsylvania Grand is another one of our biggest clients. When ownership changed, the new owners wanted a fresh look, a fresh marketing campaign, and a strong online presence. Pop Shop helped them develop the best marketing strategy that would make them reach these goals. The Penn Grand is still a client and regularly request updates and tweaks as their consumers and their needs change.


This lovely burger bistro was on the verge of closing down when they approached Pop Shop E-Zine for help. The team at Pop Shop came up with the most amazing marketing strategy and relaunch campaign. Needless to say, Pop’s Burger Bistro is one of the most-loved and successful restaurants in Pennsylvania. People from other states drive hours to enjoy a good meal at Pop’s.

These clients are not only proof of the success of a good marketing strategy. They are stars and highly valued clients.